Andrew’s Priorities


Protecting our healthy environment is essential to Vermont’s economy and valued quality of life. Andrew will

  • Protect our working landscapes and waterways.
  • Encourage farmers, foresters and local businesses in sustainable practices.
  • Promote communities that engage in smart development practices.
  • Combat climate change through conservation and renewable energy.
  • Respect private property rights and support environmental laws and regulations enacted to protect our waterways from pollution.


No part of Vermont’s economy is more important than the small businesses that make up our cities, downtowns and villages. Andrew will

  • Apply 20+ years of small business experience to support businesses who strive for improved working conditions and compensation for all employees.
  • Recognize the vital connection between our environment, economy, and quality of life.
  • Support the growth of responsible and sustainable jobs, and take steps to improve the lives of average Vermonters.
  • Strongly support the implementation of universal broadband telecommunications services statewide.
  • Promote affordable housing initiatives that keep our communities sustainable. More than anything, my business needed customers to thrive. Customers need a quality and affordable place to call home. I believe housing growth is an economic development issue as much as it is a socially responsible one.
  • Advocate for Vermont’s outdoor recreational economy, and seize on opportunities for growth.
  • The greatest asset of any small business or organization is the employees who are the faces of the business and who ultimately make up the fabric of our communities. At Onion River Sports it was my great pleasure to work with and among many outstanding employees over the years. They made ORS what it was, and contributed greatly to Montpelier’s vibrancy. Our employees knew that they were supported because I was constantly striving for the highest wages, benefits, and flexibility the business could offer. I want that for all the employees of our local businesses.


Our greatest asset is our children. Education is the answer to better lives. We should constantly strive for an outstanding public  educational system. Andrew will

Both my son and daughter are proud graduates of U-32.
  • Support early childhood education that is of the highest quality and accessible to all.
  • Work for public schools that are safe, inclusive, equitable, and affordable.
  • Advance technical education that meets the needs for Vermonters and Vermont  employers.
  • Demand higher education that is affordable for all Vermont students who wish to attend.

Health & Human Services

Health care should be looked at as a social construct where, like public education, we decide that every Vermonter will have access to quality and affordable health care services. Andrew will

  • Promote access to appropriate, affordable, accountable healthcare. This includes mental health, prescription drugs, long-term care, choice of provider, end-of-life care, reproductive freedom, oral health for adults and children, optical care, auditory care, and privacy rights.
  • Support initiatives to provide rehabilitation and treatment services without delay for all Vermonters seeking help with drug or alcohol addiction or dependence.

Accessibility and Accountability

We can do better in ensuring fairness and equality for all Vermonters. Government must protect the most vulnerable among us. Andrew will

  • Support responsible spending, equitable taxation, and the creation of protections against revenue shortfalls.
  • Be accountable to Vermonters for the ethical and fiscal actions of the legislature.
  • Support adherence to all open meeting and public records laws, and transparency and accountability in all areas of government.
  • Seek the passage of laws and regulations that ensure equality regardless of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, criminal history, ancestry, place of birth, age, physical or mental condition, military service, or economic status.


That’s it: be good to one another.